Nebraska Introduces Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Nebraska Introduces Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Despite Nebraska’s rich farming culture, marijuana remains very illegal and punishable in the Cornhusker State. In fact, selling even a gram of weed in Nebraska can end in a felony charge, jail time ranging from 1-20 years along, and/or a $25,000 fine.

While the recently introduced Cannabis Compassion Care Act would not change these absurd penalties, the bill would provide safe access for Nebraska’s medical marijuana patients. The bill, introduced by Senator Tommy Garrett on Wednesday, aims to give access to patients with “debilitating medical conditions.”

The bill frequently makes note of “Compassion Centers” which would act as Nebraska’s dispensaries. If passed into law, caregivers, who can treat up to five patients, would likely act as de facto “dispensaries” until those licenses are doled out.

All medical marijuana cards and caregiver licenses would be issued by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services. Patients in Nebraska would be allowed to possess 12 plants and six ounces of smokable marijuana.

Sadly, the bill leaves Nebraska’s recreational tokers high and dry as it makes zero mention of decriminalization or penalty reduction. Ideally, the state will also address that issue sooner rather than later by way of a separate bill.

Oddly enough, Nebraska, along with Oklahoma, is attempting to sue Colorado over its legalization, claiming the state’s legal weed floods into Nebraska state lines.