Jamaica’s Senate Will Likely Legalize Medical Marijuana, Decriminalize

Jamaica's Senate Will Likely Legalize Medical Marijuana, Decriminalize Cannabis Tomorrow

In mid-January, Jamaica’s Cabinet voted in favor of the nation’s Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act, a bill that would legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize cannabis possession.

The bill now moves to Jamaica’s Senate which will meet tomorrow to discuss and then ultimately vote on the bill. Nearly a year in the making and with overwhelming support, the bill should see Senate approval.

For a country already known for its vast marijuana fields of dreams, the ruling would mean anyone in Jamaica can carry up to two ounces of weed at any time. Possession would no longer go on criminal records but could result in a minor ticket and fine; smoking in public will not be allowed.

Moreover, the country would then start outlining its own medical marijuana program run by a Cannabis Licensing Authority. The Cannabis Licensing Authority ultimately would be responsible “for the grant of licenses to permit the development of a lawful industry for medical ganja and industrial hemp.”

If approved, the medical marijuana program would likely take over a year to come to fruition, as regulations and permits tend to take a long time to come about.

The bill’s fate will be decided in Senate tomorrow, but all signs point towards a newly legal Jamaica. We’ll provide an update tomorrow when the Senate makes up its mind.

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