Marijuana & Glaucoma

Marijuana Strains and Seeds for Glaucoma
The term glaucoma is a term used to describe a whole group of diseases which erodes the sight without prior warning, slowly but steadily. Considering that glaucoma occurs without any warning, you can’t be able to detect one unless you suffer from the effects yourself. In fact, experts suggest that around 50% of the individuals who are affected by glaucoma don’t even know they have one.
What causes glaucoma?
The condition of glaucoma is caused by certain factors, and these factors could also increase your chances of developing the condition. These include the following:
• Age – as you get older, the higher your chances are of developing glaucoma
• Ethnic origin – usually, those who are African or Asian tend to have an increased risk of glaucoma
• Short sightedness or myopia
• Family history of glaucoma
• Medical history of those who have diabetes
• Ocular hypertension
The loss of vision can be due to the damage present in the optic nerve, which is the one that carries images from the eye to the brain. Generally, there has been no cure for the condition yet.
What’s the connection between marijuana and glaucoma?
Several evidences have shown that medical marijuana seeds and strains can lower down the intraocular pressure in the eyes of those who are suffering from glaucoma. Other than that, various studies conducted in the 1970s have also shown that marijuana strains do have a surprising effect for treating patients suffering from the glaucoma condition.
However, medical marijuana is not generally recommended for treating the condition, and that is because of the high dosage needed to produce any alleviating effect. Within the US, Marinol is the only medical marijuana which has been approved at the Federal level to be used for glaucoma. It’s basically the synthetic form of THC, which is the most active compound found within marijuana.