Marijuana & Cancer

Marijuana Seeds and Strains for Cancer
Indeed, a lot of people have been intrigued by the many benefits being offered by cannabis seeds. It is of this reason that more and more people are growing marijuana seeds even in the comforts of their own home. Contrary to popular belief that marijuana also produces a feeling of high for its many users, they are also known to provide many medicinal benefits and assuage to aid the many conditions of man. It is probably of this reason why Canada has lenient laws on cannabis because they have optimally tapped the many advantages provided by marijuana. Recently, a revolutionary discovery has been made that cannabis has also been known to cure some forms of cancer and that is now being widely accepted as a treatment option for cancer.

What is the potent content of cannabis for cancer treatment?

Cannabis has a potent element known as the THC which is believed to provide various effects for the body. Now, these effects may range from mild positive feedbacks down to the worst kick ever depending on how it is being used or, for lack of better term, abused by many users. THC has indeed been known to provide cancer sufferers and patients with pain relievers and even a form of narcotic as this is the main indication for THC.

What are other known potent elements of Marijuana

Aside from THC, marijuana seeds also contain cannabidiol or CBD which is a compound known to contain in cannabis to ease the symptoms of various debilitating disease such as cancer. It even has a lung cancer cure potential and has actually been confirmed through various academic researches that it has medicinal effects for cancer stricken patients.

How does THC help in cancer?

THC has been considered an important compound which is known to have anti tumor properties that are especially present in budding cannabis.